Introduction to Reception Centre

If a community is evacuated due to flood, toxic spill, wildfire, earthquake, or similar calamity, where do people go? Who will provide food and temporary accommodations for them when it is unsafe for them to be in their home or community? How will family members find each other? Where will people get the necessary information and support they need?

During a disaster response, each of the emergency response agencies will be activated to carry out their specific emergency roles. The community emergency plan outlines the emergency roles of local law enforcement, fire and rescue, ambulance, emergency social services (ESS), transportation, utilities, and others. For ESS, the specific emergency role is providing care for evacuees and in some cases, responders.

When an evacuation is ordered, people will need a safe place to gather to receive vital information about the disaster (e.g., how long they can expect to be out of their homes, how to access services, are there any health implications to be aware of, clean up procedures, etc). This safe place for evacuees to gather is called a reception centre.

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