Hospital Inspector

Inspections are an often unseen but necessary part of our society. If you’ve eaten at a restaurant, taken a bus or flown in a plane in the background those industries are routinely inspected to ensure safety and compliance with the rules and legislation proscribed by authorities responsible for that specific industry’s safety standards. Inspections audit the practices or environment of service providers to ensure that they are following the legislated rules legislated to ensure we live in a safe community that meets our expected standards.

Legislation provides you as the appointed inspector the power to inspect a facility. The Hospital Act defines how you are appointed by a ministerial order what and when you can inspect a private or extended care facility that is enabled under the Hospital Act.

Inspections are carried out to ensure that an operator continues to meet the established requirements they agreed to meet when they established the facility. Remedial action is required if the regulatory standards are not met by the operator.