Use of Adobe Connect in Online Course Delivery

TELT is proud to share yet another success story with our JIBC family. As a result of a successful collaboration and tireless efforts of Keith Boswell and Jason Cairney, Adobe Connect was used to support and enhance the in-house delivery of a course on Hazardous Materials for First Responders. Adobe Connect allowed students to access one of topic expert instructors without the logistical costs of face-to-face delivery.

The first delivery took place on Thursday April 5th to a small Northern fire department (Thornhill FD) and the second delivery was to an Industrial client in Fort St. John on Monday April 16th. The presentations were 90 minutes in length and both received very positive feedback.

Keith and Jason have also put together a list of requirements and guideline to follow when delivering a presentation online on Adobe Connect. They have also expressed interest in offering assistance to any other of the JIBC Divisions who might have an interest in this type of course delivery technology. For more information you can contact Keith Boswell.

Many thanks to Keith and Jason for enhancing JIBC’s already great reputation.

“With your [TELT] assistance , we have now built a viable, interesting, cost effective delivery model and from here we will start our marketing.”

Keith Boswell