About Us

We are JIBC’s Centre for Teaching, Learning, and Innovation. Let’s figure things out, push the boundaries, and work together to make the best possible learning experiences for our students.

Our Goal

Our goal is to support our faculty and staff to make learning relevant, meaningful and memorable. We represent a diversity of skills, interests and perspectives, and we try to use that to our advantage by operating in a collaborative and open environment.

Who we are

We are experimenters, problem solvers, and innovators. We work with staff and faculty on projects of all magnitudes and we don't really stop until we get it right. Then we go back and try to improve on that. Then we go back and try to improve on that.

Our Value

We pride ourselves on our reliability and relatability. Our approach is to say "Yes!" first and then ask questions later.

Our Team

Our team at the Centre for Teaching, Learning & Innovation (CTLI) is passionate about the work we do. We love to know what’s going on around JIBC: who’s got a bold new idea, who’s trying something new, who needs help. Everyone in our team has something important to contribute and we always welcome and are happy to have visitors stop by with a question, a problem, or a challenge. 

Head shot of Albertine in a grey sweatshirt on a yellow background, with glasses on!

Albertine De Leon

Instructional Designer

Blake Chambers-White

Media Producer

Dave Smulders

Program Manager, Faculty Development

Headshot Dennis Yip

Dennis Yip

E-Learning Technology Manager

Headshot Helen

Helen Lee


Headshot Janice-W

Janice Woods

Senior Web Specialist

Headshot Junsong Zhang

Junsong Zhang

Program Manager, Simulations

Headshot Kavita George

Kavita George

Senior Web Specialist

Headshot Krista Lambert

Krista Lambert

Instructional Designer

Headshot Lynn Truong

Lynn Truong

Instructional Designer

Headshot Melanie Meyers

Melanie Meyers

Program Director

Headshot Naz

Naz Maghsoudi

Coordinator of Student & Faculty Development

Headshot of Nina Bennett. Nina is dressed in a black cotton outfit.

Nina Bennett


Headshot Robert Walker

Robert Walker