We see ourselves as sojourners - here to support you in your journey. We consult. We create. We lead.
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When we say “Services”, we mean all the things we do to support our JIBC community. Whether you are a faculty member, sessional instructor, teaching support staff or a program manager, we can help you! In particular, let us assist you in your:

  • instructional design
  • curriculum development
  • faculty development
  • educational technology
  • media development
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Provide advice and guidance
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Development and production


Training and education activities

Consultations (we consult)

How do we consult?​

  • Drop in opportunities
  • Participate in working groups and committees around the institute
  • Project based activities

We meet with you to talk about what you’re trying to do or what you want to do, anything from a small part of one course all the way to a full program. We discuss what’s possible and what’s feasible based on your needs and capacities. We provide advice and guidance. If we are not sure what to do, we’ll find others who can advise or we’ll look for relevant resources, and we’ll follow up. 

Would you like to to arrange a consultation? 

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We consult on:

Development and Production (we create)

Throughout the year, we determine what projects we are working on based on the needs of all the programs and divisions across the Institute. Team members are assigned to the various projects, based on the requirements, roles and resources needed. We work together with the rest of the project team from beginning to project completion, ensuring a successful delivery.

Have a look at some of our past projects.

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We develop:

Training and Education Activities (we lead)

We host events and deliver training to support our JIBC community’s education and growth in areas of teaching, learning, and education technologies and to build capacity.  

  • Tailored training for faculty and staff 
  • Teaching and learning focused workshops
  • Develop print, online and multimedia resources to support the institute’s educational technology 
  • Publish quarterly our online blog, the Learning Hub, highlighting what teaching and learning events are happening around the institute and the post secondary teaching and learning community
  • Hosting Lunch & Learns for faculty and staff as well as delivering larger events, focused on teaching, learning and educational technologies

Would you like to suggest an event or training? 

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