Teaching was a gig that helped me travel around the world. Amazing how far you can get by winging it. But then I decided I needed to know what I was doing, and so…..career path.

I have been fortunate that my instructional design and teaching work has taken me many places and offered so many interesting challenges. In recent years, I have taken a greater interest in instructor development and exploring the connection between the educator identity and its influence on one’s actions as an instructor.

Headshot of Dave Smulders, Program Manager, Faculty Development in CTLI, JIBC.
What are you up to these days?

Trying to provide greater support for those who want to become better educators and increase their knowledge of how we learn.

Teacher, known for great sense of humour and finding good in people
I enjoy working with other educators throughout their learning journeys while supporting them on their professional development growth. Together we use our creative skills in teaching and learning and instructional design to create exceptional experiences for our learners.
Dave on a canoe trip