Demofest Wrap Up

The CTLI team hosted the 4th annual Demofest yesterday, with a really interesting range of demos representing work from this past year. Demofest has a been a great way for people from across JIBC to showcase the fantastic things they are doing, and it is also a good way to observe trends and shifts in what we are doing with educational technology over the past four years. As in past years, we produced a Demofest guide for participants, which also serves as a useful artefact of past presentations.

It’s hard to believe that we held our first Demofest in November 2013, after participating in and being inspired by a similar event at DevLearn. We had 17 presenters in 2013, including 2 demos of mobile apps that we had created, our first two open courses created in WordPress, and a few courses that were using Storyline, which was still a fairly new tool at the time.  This year we had 15 presenters, including six in the category of open WordPress courses, in addition to Pressbooks and H5P.   Storyline has become a well embedded tool at JIBC, and showed up in at least two demos this year.

Dennis captured photos of the event, and apart from the fact that none of us appear to be smiling, they are beautiful photos and everybody seemed to be enjoying the event.

Instead of producing a Demofest trailer, Krista was able to capture some of the demos on Periscope, all of which are available here:

Graphic Facilitation:
JIBC Ethics Review:
Multi-Access Teaching:
Building Resiliency: