Chris Rattenbury

Faculty, Bachelor Law Enforcement Studies, Acting Program Manager for Police Advance Training

We asked a few faculty around campus who are teaching this September: What’s new this September? Acting program manager and faculty, Chris Rattenbury, graciously spent some time to answer our question.


As of September, I continue to be a sessional instructor teaching recruits in the police academy, am temporarily the program manager for Police Advanced Training, and instructing, (for my second time) on the BLES program, the Leadership in Law Enforcement course which is an asynchronous course that I developed in 2020. Overall, developing the course went well, but I was amazed at how long it took me to develop it—so, I may wait for at least another 2-3 years before I develop another one in order to get my energy back!!! Further, teaching online is definitely much different than F2F; for me, the workload seems bigger as I need to respond back to students’ weekly Discussion Posts and Learning Journals in writing—apparently, I can’t type as fast as I speak which is not a good thing for an online, asynchronous course!!!

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