Dr. Joe Naylor​

We asked a few faculty around campus who are teaching this September: What’s new this September? 

Faculty member Dr. Joe Naylor broke it down like this…


Simply Showing Up 

What’s new? Here’s something I came up with last week for the first day of classes. 

  1. I put the students into pairs with a marker and two sheets of Flipboard paper. 
  2. I asked them to take turns telling each other a personal story like the one I told them near the beginning of class. 
  3. As they listened, they should take notes and be able to tell their partner’s story. 
  4. Then they each need to create a Flipboard sheet with Bullet-Points to reinforce their narrative delivery of their partner’s story to the class.  
  5. Each pair comes to the front of the class, takes their mask off, gets their picture taken, and tells their partner’s story. 

I came up with this idea because I knew I was going to be using a microphone in class. Given my radio background, the temptation to do a time and weather check– “1:15 here at JIBC, it is 22 degrees and sunny,” would be irresistible. My Flipboard Chart paper for my story had three Bullet-Points: “NEPOTISM,” “DISASTER,” and “IN/COMPETENCE.” 

I’m hoping for some improvements: they could be more concise with their PowerPoint bullet points. A tight Flipboard chart takes training, but we amused each other, and made progress in that process. 

CTLI Weekly Drop-Ins 

Thank you to CTLI for asking me to contribute to their newsletter. I have been a fixture at each of their weekly Drop-Ins since the Lockdown started and recommend this to my peers. Mind you, their regular Thursday lunch time slot now conflicts with my In-Person delivery of JIBC’s ESMS-4220, Ethical Issues in Public Safety, one of our Applied Ethics courses. Much of my on-line progress has been the product of serendipity, overhearing the issues and ideas that others bring to the table. Naz and Dave are fun people, and you don’t need to have an agenda to get something out of participating. I suggest simply showing up; my radio, social, and academic life was shaped and refined by simply showing up at a UBC extra-mural club.  

Want to hear more from Joe? Contact him at jnaylor@jibc.ca