Michelle Jackson

Faculty, Fire Safety Division

We asked a Fire Safety Division faculty member, Michelle Jackson, how the start of her semester has been going and here’s what she had to say:


How have you been adjusting to all the changes of the past year+?

Let’s be honest!  It’s been tough with all the world changes and learning to teach virtually. Pivoting face-to-face courses to online platforms, learning new technology, talking to a tiny round circle camera on my laptop and learning how to be excited when there are no students physically in front of you, has been a lot to overcome. I have learned that it is a little stressful to learn new things (even when in your 50’s) but I have also learned that I can do it and it is in fact exciting. I have learned to push myself and open my mind and in the process I have achieve more and had some good fun.

What are you doing that’s new this September?

This September I am navigating using a new textbook, I’m using a lot more humour and fun in my courses and I am enjoying that I have mastered creating Collaborate session so I can meet virtually with my students.  My newest thing is I have learned how to “record” Collaborate sessions and house them in the recording repository.  What’s next?  Maybe learning a little more about MYVIDEO and other digital assets in Blackboard.

To chat more with Michelle, contact her at mjackson@jibc.ca.