Faculty Development Event – Apple TV and iPad in Classroom

JIBC’s Lunch and Learn Session on the use of Apple TV and iPad in classroom was held on Tuesday, May 27 at the New Westminster campus. Jessica Motherwell McFarlane, a digital literacy expert, passionate counselor and an innovative lecturer facilitated this great session.

Twenty two participants consisting of JIBC staff and faculty gathered at lunchtime. Participants had the option of borrowing TELT’s loaner iPads to participate in the workshop.

Jessica started the session by showing the set up for Apple TV and projector in classroom. Next, she introduced a fun app called ComicBook!, which helps increase students’ interest and engagement in the classroom. Using this app, participants created their own version of comic strips and took over the podium (AppleTV/projector) to display their work. This also brought up the subject of anarchy in the classroom.

TELT would like to thank everyone who participated in this session, most of all Jessica for sharing her experience and knowledge with us.