Faculty Development Workshop: Question-Storming

How can the Question-Storming Game create excitement in the classroom, encourage our student’s questioning, increase students’ confidence as a learners, and help us all grapple with complex and “stuck-in-the-muck” problems?

The answer is simple: Question-Storming (a.k.a. the Question Formulation Technique, (developed, refined, and researched over the last 20 years by The Right Question Institute)) teaches us to momentarily withhold our critical judgement just long enough to allow us to ask a flurry of simple, subtle and/or sublime questions — one of which just might be the genius-inspired question that leads to a one-of-a-kind thesis topic or breakthrough in a stalled investigation.

In a typical classroom the instructor asks most of the questions and the students do most of the answering. Good questioning technique takes lots of practice. The Question-Storming Game is like a fun, energizing, mental “gym” that can help us build up our “questioning muscles.” This “game” is simple to learn and easy to use in a classroom. “Question-stormers” often feel “smarter” after they see how many questions they can generate. All are surprised to see just how much they learned about a topic just by asking questions.

Jessica Motherwell, Ph.D. and Marion Craig, Sgt. Ret’d invite their JIBC instructor colleagues to a lunch n’ learn demonstration of the Question-Storming Game. They have piloted the Question-Storming Game with some of their classes and will share their good results. Come play while learning the question-storming method. Penguin_2

Hint:Penguins will be involved!

Date: November 24, 2015

Time: 12:00 pm – 1:00 pm

Location: JIBC – New Westminster, Classroom 204