JIBC Speaker Series – October 16, 2012

Practice for Engagement in Learning in the Classroom

JIBC’s Fall Speaker Series Workshop – held on Tuesday, October 16th at the New Westminster campus − was an engaging session facilitated by the acclaimed online interaction designer, visual thinker, coach for distributed learning, (and self-proclaimed chocoholic) Nancy White.

Nancy used World Café techniques to deliver her workshop. In short, World Café is a system of exchange based on social café conversation whereby people can explore any chosen topic through lively discussion.

On Tuesday night JIBC participants, seated in small groups around cafeteria tables, were encouraged to both listen and talk, but not edit their thinking. Conversation included topics such as:

  • How to engage learners in the classroom more effectively?
  • How to improve teaching repertoire by adding facilitation techniques?
  • Use of learner-centered techniques in teaching
  • The essential nature of learning outcomes as part of a facilitator’s goals

With the help of Giulia Forsythe, a creative sketchnote artist, key points of Nancy’s workshop were illustrated on a large piece of sketch paper. Giulia’s work was nothing short of an impressive art piece and a meaningful memento.