Daring to NOTICE our Default Settings

The following note is from Dr. Jessica Motherwell McFarlane who will be facilitating this workshop:

“This is a education community study group I wish to spark that would use visual and other fine art techniques to make perceptible what our automatic implicit biases make invisible. We can not care about or care for what we don’t know exists. Step one must be a mindful intention to go searching for the ‘invisibles’ (e.g., biases, privileges, prejudices, knowledge gaps, etc.) that are all around us. If you wish to be seriously playful, daringly innovative and kindly nurturing as we examine how our default settings cause us to miss opportunities to be equitable, inclusive, and advocate for others, email me back to be added to the group. Place and times will begin sometime Fall, 2019. Kick off pot luck dinner or lunch in September”.