Indigenization artwork


Indigenization at JIBC is a commitment to understanding the historical, social, and economic conditions of Indigenous populations.
With this understanding, we work to foster respect and understanding of the cultures, traditions, languages and protocols of Indigenous Peoples in the learning environment.

Indigenization involves all aspects of the teaching and learning environment. From CTLI’s perspective, we regard Indigenization as a way to help reframe our thinking in any instructional design effort. With the leadership of JIBC’s Office of Indigenization, we continue to learn more about how Indigenization and Reconciliation can influence our thinking about education in positive and productive ways.

For anyone wanting to familiarize themselves with indigenization at JIBC, the Office of Indigenization is your first stop. For more information regarding Indigenous Initiatives, see plans below.

Cover for Pulling Together: A Guide for Teachers and Instructors

One of the best resources on Indigenization for educators is the BCcampus series Pulling Together: A Guide for Indigenization of Post-Secondary Institutes. This is a set of professional learning guides that are a result of a collaboration between BCcampus, the Ministry of Advanced Education and Skills Training, and a Steering Committee of Indigenous education leaders. The content in these guides is authored by teams of Indigenous and ally writers from across B.C.