Student Research Framework Workshop

JIBC_interact_learning_6631Student research and the development of student research skills are increasingly important components of JIBC courses and programs. The intent of this initiative is to provide guidance to JIBC course developers and instructors who are creating and implementing student research activities. This session will introduce the JIBC Student Research Skills Development Framework that was developed for the Justice Institute of British Columbia to help guide the research skills development of its students, facilitate student learning, and promote student success.

The JIBC Student Research Skills Development Framework identifies expectations and criteria for assessment at the individual course level, diploma level (second year), and bachelor’s degree level (fourth year). The framework sequences and provides experiential scaffolding that ensures that students effectively develop research skills appropriate to their academic level and course outcomes. The model provides guidance on overall structure, development of research questions, finding and generating knowledge, evaluating and reflecting, organizing, analyzing, synthesizing, and communicating research findings. In lower-level courses, students function within a fairly controlled environment with the goal of gaining experience in using relevant research skills and approaches. In upper-level courses, students exercise more autonomy in developing their topics and choosing resources, approaches, and methods of dissemination.

When: December 3, 11:00 am- 12:00 pm

Where: JIBC New Westminster Campus – Courtroom A214

Presenter: Greg Anderson, Dean 
Office of Applied Research & Graduate Studies