BESMS: The Adventure Begins – Online to Classroom Based Program Delivery

I’m fortunate to oversee a novel program at the JIBC – the Bachelor of Emergency & Security Management Studies (BESMS). BESMS is a successful online degree program that engages mid-career professionals students from BC and across Canada. One of the outputs of a recent program review was to compliment the online program with a face-to-face delivery option of the program for students age 18-30. In short, we’ll have two programs – one online and one face-to-face sharing common outcomes but with unique delivery modes.

The first face-to-face cohort starts in September 2019, which gives me and the team around 15 months to map out the program, ‘translate’ courses into a classroom based model, and develop the framework for a ‘traditional’ post-secondary experience.

My aim is to capture parts of the journey on this blog and to ask questions and advice of the instructional design community. I’m excited for the adventure and glad you are along for the ride!