Course Planning

When we talk about course planning, we mean everything: needs analysis, learner profiles, instructional design, content writing, development of learning environments from online courses to in-class set ups, analyzing evaluative information in order to organize your ideas, preparing instructors for their lessons and instructors preparing for their lessons, and reviewing and evaluating it all to continue the learning and improvement process in our work.

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Interactive guide

Course planning happens all over this institution and what we’ve realized is everyone does things a little differently. So we decided to create a graphic that will hopefully support you when working through this process, or even help identify points in the process that you’re involved in and point you in the direction of helpful resources, templates or tip sheets. The resources included are intended to be samples that you can use when developing your own courses.

This interactive graphic does not include the official JIBC documents, like a course outline or student evaluation form, to avoid potential duplication or out of date materials. Rather, these documents are simply intended to help you work through your own course development process.

Non interactive version

Library Considerations when Course Planning

One of the areas in the institute that we knew we wanted to reach out to when planning this issue was our very own JIBC Library, and we knew exactly which Librarian extraordinare we wanted to talk to: Darcye! Whenever our team is working through the course development process, one consideration that always needs to be addressed is around the course resources and that means, the library. Darcye Lovsin was awesome enough to develop this fun infographic to help understand where and how the library can support you through your development.


Click here to download a PDF version of this infographic.

Library Considerations when Course Planning

Additional Resources

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