Headshot of Robert Walker

Robert Walker

Director CTLI

September Edition

Welcome! Welcome Welcome!

Welcome back JIBC faculty and staff! I hope everyone had a great summer and are rejuvenated after what has been, to say the least, a very challenging time for all. I recognize that there is still much uncertainty as we find our way through the return to campus and start of the Fall semester.  


The road ahead is all about flexible and inclusive learning. This includes:  Facetofaceon campus instructionblended learning using both facetoface and online learningto fully remote distance learning. Pedagogy, learning environment, and technology are all components of these delivery methods. At CTLI we will continue to explore and find ways of supporting program areas and instructor initiatives, in implementing inclusive, engaging education to achieve successful learning outcomes for all. 


The CTLI team habeen busy throughout the summer, exploring new initiatives and planning on how best to support JIBC programming.  Along with a new slate of workshops and activities for faculty professional development, we will continue to offer either in-person or virtual drop-in support sessions. Additionally, with funding assistance from BC Campus, we continue to promote a broader understanding and implementation of Open Educational Resources (OER) into programming to help reduce costs for students. 


Finally, I’d like to welcome Stephen O’Hearn to the CTLI team. Steve is JIBC’s Digital Multimedia Instructional Designer/Producer. Steve brings years of experience in instructional design, digital multimedia production and project management. Working closely with the CTLI team and subject matter experts, Steve will recommend creative ways that digital multimedia can be used to enhance and strengthen the learning outcomes, leading to deeper engaging educational experiences for learners. If you have a project idea or simply want to discuss a multimedia project, reach out to Steve.