I have a background in learning design, open education practices, and educational technology. I have a Master of Education (M.Ed) in Curriculum and Pedagogy focusing on Digital Technology at the University of Toronto. I worked over 5 years in post secondary education and have experience providing hands-on support to academic staff, faculty, and students. In my role, I design, develop, and implement learning solutions for online, blended, and F2F courses to achieve desired learning outcomes and create multimedia solutions. Working at CTLI, I am able to foster innovation through the design and integration of technologies and learning spaces to enrich teaching and learning.

Headshot Lynn
What are you up to these days?

I’m currently completing my Learning Design Certificate at the University of Toronto Continuing Studies and my UI/UX Associate Certificate at BCIT. My goal is to develop my skills in improving usability and accessibility while understanding the interaction between the learner and the learning management system. I’ve recently contributed to the Rethink Learning Design project with Krista and Helen for educational developers and instructional designers on perspectives of Open Education design.

Video creator and drone enthusiast
I love to design and create multimedia content using various mediums for online courses such as 360 technology, videography, and aerial photography/videography to deliver meaningful and engaging content to learners.
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Lynn snowboarding