I’ve worked in ed tech in both private and public sector settings since completing my MA in EdTech at Concordia University (2004). My work as an elearning product manager took me from Montreal to New York and then to London where I spent time as a management consultant. My hopes to return to my home town of Vancouver became a reality in 2008 when I joined the JIBC. My projects have ranged from designing open educational resources (OER) to the use of emerging technologies for elearning to design of award-winning academic/blended courses and programs.

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What are you up to these days?

Spent the last 2.5 years at BCcampus working on open education projects for STEM and Business programs and on making OER findable. I'd like to apply what I have learned to my work at CTLI!

leader, innovator, advocate, ally
I have an eye for creativity and bring in my creative skills to instruction design and creative eye and I bring in..... Being easy to talk to I find my self easy to communicate with