TELT Open House

Technology Enhanced Learning and Teaching Centre at the Justice Institute of BC hosted its first open house on February 15. Since its launch in September 2012, this has been the biggest event hosted by TELT with the largest turn out.

Enthusiast flocked the center between 2-4 to chat with the team members regarding their projects, new educational technology tools and many other things while watching some short videos created by the team to briefly introduce a few of the projects that they are involved with.

The entire event was shared live online with those who couldn’t attend. Virtual guests connected via Adobe Connect and watched the live video stream of the event.

Over all, the Open House was a great success and TELT is looking forward to organizing many more successful events in the near future.

Here is our 2 hours celebration in 2 minutes:

TELT Open House: 2 hours in 2 minutes

Here are a few videos regarding the tools that we are using here at TELT:

ExPOD Simulation Tool

Using QR Codes

Google Earth and some useful Application

Ed Tech Tools for Teaching and Learning

Last but not least, the showstopper in the office, which was made as a team building exercise:

A day at Raw Canvas