The Learning Hub: Issue 01

Welcome to CTLI’s new learning hub!

We’d like to start by inviting you to consider the state of your students…

What does their environment look like?

They may be stuck sharing a crowded living space with many others. They may be stuck in a basement suite with no natural light and at this point, they’re agitated and tired from social distancing…

Are they worried?

They are likely anxious about the unknown future. Their minds are focused on taking care of loved ones and having enough money to pay next month’s rent. If they already struggle with depression or anxiety, their mental health may be taking a turn for the worse…

Do they have the technical requirements to move online?

Before the crisis, they have typically relied on work stations on campus, access to public libraries and high-speed wifi at their local coffee shop. All they have at home is an old smartphone, an ancient laptop that barely starts up and crappy wifi connection inside their basement suite…

Basic Recommendations for Pivoting Online #AskBCcampus

  • Reduce the workload
  • Establish a communication schedule with students
  • Be clear on how to communicate with you
  • Use your institution’s tools


  • Instructor Transition Course (Blackboard): This course has some useful resources for faculty who want to teach online such as Blackboard Help, Video Conferencing Help, and fundamentals of online teaching. If you have not been enrolled in this resource site please email and we will give you access.
  • Upcoming CTLI Virtual (BlueJeans) Drop-in Sessions (click the links below to join):
  • Blackboard Training

BC Campus Resources

This week BCcampus will continue to offer office hours as our sessions are still very full. They will be as follows:

We’re still in the early days for pivoting learning online –
it’s best to practice simplicity, empathy, and compassion. #AskBCcampus

~ BCcampus


  • Remember! Less is more. Don’t try to translate everything you do in class to online. It will end up being a lot of work for you and overwhelming for the learner.


Don’t forget to stretch in your home office! It’s important to still keep up with your daily movement routines. We do!


Want some one-on-one help? Have something specific you need assistance with? Reach out to the CTLI team by emailing us at